Tuesdays 6:00 pm @ Lewisville Executive Golf Course

A group of recreational golfers who meet once a week to sharpen skills and enjoy on another's company.  For more information, contact Don Kammerer at 972-420-0550.

Seniors - Faith Keepers

A fellowship of senior, retired and semi-retired folks who regularly meet to create a feeling of community through social and service activities.  For more information, contact Pam Reid at pam (at) reidtx.us or by phone at 214-564-8581.

Gardening - Seeds of Faith

A group for those interested in keeping plants looking healthy in North Texas and helping to glorify God through garden maintenance around Faith.  For more information, contact Margaret Aten at margpaul (at) gmail.com.

Book Club - Page Turners

4th Saturdays 9:00 am @ Swirl Bakery (FM 2499 and FM 1171)

A group for recreational readers of secular or spiritual material who enjoy coffee and discussing books with others.  For more information, contact Colleen Jensenat colleen.jensen (at) datalogic.com or by phone at 972-355-9977.

Quilters - Piecemakers

2nd Saturdays 9:00-2:00 pm @ Faith

A dedicated group of women who meet to sew quilts for Lutheran World Relief and other relief organizations.  Sewers and non-sewers are welcome.  Bring a sack lunch and join us. For more information, contact contact Pam Reid at pam (at) reidtx.us or by phone at 214-564-8581.

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