Faith believes in one Baptism for the forgiveness of sins.  Through our Baptism, we are made new and experience God's grace.  We invite all who are beginning their journey of faith, both infants and adults, to receive this gift.  If you are interested in baptism, contact Faith at   or by phone at 972-539-1031.

1st Communion

Faith invites any baptized child of God to receive 1st Communion instruction.  Coming to the Lord’s Table for the first time isn’t about one’s age, but rather about one’s readiness to partake in the meal of Holy Communion. Parents are encouraged to talk with their child and their pastor to help determine the best time to begin receiving the sacrament of Holy Communion.

1st Communion class happens each year during March/April near Easter. Parents attend the class alongside their child. Upon completing the 1st Communion class, children will receive the sacrament of Holy Communion for the first time during the evening worship service on Maundy Thursday.

For more information, contact Elizabeth Holschuh a. or by phone at 972-539-1031, ext. 113.

3rd Grade Bible

At Faith, we are privileged to partner with parents in passing on the living Word of God to the next generation.  We invite third graders and their parents to gather for a Bible workshop where they are instructed in the use of their Bibles and introduced to the story of the scriptures. For more information, contact Elizabeth Holschuh at  . or by phone at 972-539-1031, ext. 113.