Middle School


Middle School


We want middle school students to begin building close friendships with other students at their church as early as possible. Our Sunday Night Live! program is designed exactly for that. Every Sunday (with the exception of holidays), we meet as combined middle and high school youth (6th-12th grades) and leaders at 5:30pm in the gym.

We begin the evening as a large group, then break into middle school youth group/Confirmation and high school youth group. We end together in the gym at 7:30pm.

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Confirmation equips young people with the tools necessary to make decisions about their spiritual lives, including their decision to affirm their baptism.  At Faith, confirmation is offered to students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade, and class is part of the Sunday Night Live program that begins 5:30 every Sunday (except holidays). 

We believe faith is passed on through personal, trusted relationships by the power of the Holy Spirit.   Instead of being information driven, Faith's confirmation program focuses on faith development within the students. All of the class topics and expectations are ultimately designed to help the youth in the process of deepening their faith.  

For more information, contact Elizabeth Holschuh.

Youth Music Opportunities

Faith periodically offers a variety of music groups specifically designed for middle school and high school students including dancing, choir, orchestra, and a worship band.  To find out more on our Worship Arts & Music page.

Other Opportunities

Serving at Faith

Faith frequently offers other opportunities for middle school students to connect.  Many students volunteer for our Sunday morning children's program, ReachKidz.  To find out more about student volunteering, contact Elizabeth Holschuh.

Summer Confirmation Camp

Our middle school students spend a week at Briarwood Confirmation Camp each summer.  It is a week of worship, friends and fun.  To learn more about Briarwood camps, see the Briarwood Summer Camp webpage.