An Act of Worship

At Faith, we look forward to the opportunity to worship God with our money.  We believe our giving is an act of worship, and like any other act of worship, it should never be done through obligation or coercion.  

The truth is that God in his great love and mercy, gave us life, not just physical life, but spiritual life.  God created us from dust, breathed life into us, and sent us out into the world to be in relationship with Him.  Even more, in an earth-shattering act of even greater mercy, he sent his Son to restore the relationship that was broken.  God created and redeemed us to bring meaning and purpose to an otherwise empty existence, and our worship is a response to this.  

Joy and Generosity

We surrender our lives, including our finances, not because we are coerced by guilt or obligated by the church.  We offer our financial resources because we want to see God move mightily in the lives of others just as He has moved in our lives.  In the end, we hope that any amount given to Faith comes from this heart of joy, generosity, and celebration.  

If you do not feel this way about giving, it's okay.  

We want you to grow into a heart of generosity first.  We encourage you to give when you are ready to embrace the joy of giving.

If you are excited about the opportunity to give, and you want to do so online, please follow the link below.

Click Here to Give Online

We use PushPay for online and text giving.