The Christmas No One Expected

The Christmas season brings with it beauty, excitement, and a lot of expectations for most people today. However, no one was making plans for that first Christmas. It came at an unexpected time and in an unexpected way. 

Sure, Israel was expecting a Messiah to come... eventually. But the Messiah they were looking for was a great Warrior King that would conquer their enemies and give them independence from The Romans. They NEVER expected a child of lowly birth from Nazareth who was first a carpenter, then an itinerant rabbi, to be their champion. And they never expected that what would transpire was that THIS Messiah would be crucified by their enemy (the Romans) in order to give them all everlasting life!

In this series, we will look at the various ways that expectations manifest themselves in our everyday lives... especially in this Christmas season. But more than that, we will look at what God’s word has to say to us about various seasons of expectation and how we might more faithfully live our lives together amidst expectations (our and those of others) so that there might actually be “Joy to the World” and “Peace on Earth” like never before.

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